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Unique Wooden Name Tags – Beautiful Laser Cut Names


Are you in the process of organising a wedding or any other party that requires place name? If so, you came to the right place. Instead of choosing the old and rather boring options of simple cardboard tags, we would like to introduce you a new and unique alternative – LASER CUT WOODEN NAMES.

Laser cut names are amazing. They look great and add a bit of that extra natural look, which goes well with basically any type of weddings or parties. The wooden letters can be placed on top of the plate or above it. They look so awesome that most people take them with them as a souvenir after a wedding or a party has come to an end.


Ordering Laser Cut Names is EASY and FAST


Ordering your personal laser cut names is super easy and fast. You simply visit our site, where the orders are being placed. First, you choose between 12 given font options. Secondly, you select the size of the wooden names, which are available in 4cm, 5cm, and 6cm versions. Thirdly, there are two wood types available for you to choose from – Wood and Dark Wood. All two options look great and it is completely up to your taste and your party’s style to go with the one that will best match.

To get the Laser cut names you want you to have, there are two options. You can either write or copy-paste the list of names you need in a box on the order page or simply upload a list of names in either text file or a spreadsheet.

We service all of Australia and new Zealand


Wooden Letters – Place Names and More


As mentioned above, laser cut names really look great and since wood is a natural material, they match perfectly any colours and any style. Wooden names are most often used as place names, however, they can and are used for many other occasions, where a name tag is in order.

A unique wooden name tag is a perfect addition to any gift wrap. Birthdays, Christmas, bar mitzvahs, you name it, simply add a wooden name on top and it will serve not only as a name tag but also a cherry on top.

Aside from tagging and frosting the gifts, wooden names can be a great option for any kind of decoration, where names are needed. Laser cut names can be easily glued onto anything and are often used to mark family members’ hangers or just to decorate individual rooms. They can also be glued on to photo frames for that extra personalised touch.


Timely Process and Delivery


After submitting your personalized Laser cut names, we do our very best to have them at your doorstep with 1 week. However, sometimes there might be an increased number of orders, which leads to prolonging the process slightly. We advice every one to place orders at least 2 weeks in advance whenever possible. All these letters are made in Australia.

In case you need your laser cut names order urgently, please contact us via Facebook or email.

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We look forward to creating the laser cut names for you.

Sincerely yours,

G & E Fisher Designs