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Personalised wedding decorations

For A truly unique Special day


Why Wedding Decorations Are the Details That Set Your Wedding Apart

Need something to truly set your wedding apart? At GE Designs, we are proud to provide eye-catching and unique wedding decorations whether you are holding a private gathering for 20 or a wild and wonderful affair for 200.


What Sets GE Designs Apart Regarding Personalised Wedding Decorations?


We set ourselves apart by supporting your right to a wedding that is as unique as you are. To get started, create a theme that reflects the personalities of you and your spouse-to-be. If you tend to enjoy being pinstriped and buttoned-down, then a formal affair is perfect. If you are more comfortable in a tent than a five-star resort, then a casual atmosphere will do for your wedding.


  • Begin adding personal touches the moment when you inform your family and friends of the date and place. Send out a personalised save-the-date magnet with all the essential details. The announcement will stand out on each guest’s refrigerator.
  • To make each person in your wedding party feel special, include wooden wedding decorations. Rather than attaching cardboard tags for place names, place laser-cut names atop their napkins. These wedding table decorations make a perfect souvenir at the end of the night, and guests can use them while introducing themselves to new friends.
  • A personalised hoop hanging above everyone in the venue is an excellent way to immortalise the bride and groom’s names in a circle of love.


Our personalised products create a special touch at your wedding. We believe that these details are part of what makes your day unique.


The Benefits of Custom Wedding Decorations for Making Your Wedding Memorable


We are passionate about making your wedding stand out compared to any other event that you or your guests will ever attend. Discover a few ways to ensure that everyone will remember your wedding for years to come.


  • Greet guests with a wood welcome etched with the names of the bride and groom. They will know that they’ve arrived at the right location, and a customised wooded seating chart nearby will guarantee that they’ll know where to sit, especially if matching wooden table numbers sit atop each table.
  • If your wedding is small, you can have all your guests surround you for the vows. Place chairs in a circle with the bride, groom, and the officiator standing in the middle. Rather than having guests divided into two camps, organising them into a ring symbolises the love that surrounds the couple.
  • A personalised wooden tree guest board lets each guest who arrives write his or her name on a leaf of the tree. Each detail builds on the feeling that the event they are attending is unlike any other.


Why GE Designs Is Cost-Effective


We are passionate about helping you to hold the wedding of your dreams, which is why we are dedicated to offering personal customer support and high-quality products. Drop by our offices to see how our designs come to life, and contact us with questions or new ideas that you’d like to see come to fruition. Your wedding is as unique as you are—let us create the details that set your wedding day apart.

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