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Wedding Cake Toppers

Want to add a personal touch to your wedding cake


Order Your Personalised Wedding Cake Toppers for an Extra Special Day

Personalised wedding cake toppers make your special day even better. Your cake alone can only express so much, which is why we have spent years crafting customised cake toppers for wedding celebrations to help you share your message in a fun and decorative way.


The Benefits of G & E Fisher Designs Personalised Cake Toppers?


We have been creating custom messages and designs for wedding cake toppers, and our customers always tell us how it truly enhanced their special day with the perfect, personal touch.

  • Impress your loved ones and guests on your special day with a personal message atop the cake. Picture your beautiful tiered cake with a handcrafted topper bearing your initials or names, a quirky saying that defines you, or a unique symbol that represents your love. It is ‘literally’ the cherry on top.
  • Add that extra touch to make the day memorable. Years after, you’ll be surprised when your guests still talk about the message you had on the cake.
  • We’ll work with you to ensure your message comes across just as you imagine. With years of experience under our belt, we have a knack for helping brides and grooms create the perfect topper that expresses their message and personality perfectly with a simple, elegant design.


Tips Regarding Custom Cake Toppers


With years of experience creating custom Mr. and Mrs. cake toppers of all kinds, we have these recommendations for you.

  • If you want something unique, but you aren’t exactly sure what, feel free to bounce ideas off us. We’ve received many requests and have completed hundreds of toppers, so we can certainly guide you to a message or design that will make you happy.
  • Given the physical limitations of a cake size, we recommend you keep it short and sweet. For example, when it comes to name cake toppers, if you both have long names, consider using your initials instead. You want your guests to enjoy a mouthful of cake rather than a jumble of letters on a topper.
  • Order your topper ahead of time. Since these are handcrafted designs, they may take some time, especially during peak wedding season, when we get an influx of orders. Be on the safe side and order yours at least a month in advance to be sure it is finished and arrives on time.


Why Customer Should Use G & E Fisher Designs


G & E Fisher Designs provides customised products for celebrations of all kinds from weddings to birthdays to anniversaries and everything in between. Based in Brisbane, We are focused on our web sales to reach all of Australia with personalised designs and high-quality products made to order with shipping available anywhere in the country. To discuss your products, we can talk by e-mail or phone, but if you live around Brisbane and want to come to the office in person, we can arrange a visit to see our products and how we make them. While our specialty is wedding celebration favours and cake toppers, we are versatile and happy to create custom designs for any occasion. For your special day, we hope every little detail is just as you wish, from the icing on the cake to the topper and the favours.

If you want a customised design, please contact us with any questions.

Custom-Made Wedding Cake Toppers

Want to add a personal touch to your wedding cake?

There’s only so much you can fit on a small cake plaque. With custom-made wedding cake toppers, you can add any message you want — with style.

Whether you want a beautiful handwritten cursive style of you and your partner’s name, a simple topper with both your initials, or a cute quote like “Always & Forever” — we have a design to suit your taste.

Our high-quality cake toppers are made out of wood or acrylic and are laser cut. This means they are 100% accurate, and won’t have nasty edges that look cheap.

 This is a guaranteed way to boost your cakes appeal and wow your guests. You’ll thank us later when you’re looking back at your photo album (your cake will look STUNNING!)

 Have another design in mind or want to ask us a question? Click the button below to get in touch today.

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Why Choose Us


Do you want high-quality wedding cake toppers, that are laser cut, 100% accurate, and fully customisable?

As a small local business, at GE Designs, our primary focus is to make your special day as perfect as possible. We understand that getting just the right decorations is hard. And in most cases, just downright impossible.

This is why we offer you 100% custom-made wedding products.

When you choose GE Designs for your custom wedding toppers, you get to work with people who genuinely care. Behind the computer screen, you’ll see that we’re people just like you.

 We’re a tight-knit community filled with people who are genuinely passionate about weddings, design, and decoration. You can even join us over at our Facebook page by clicking here.

 So choose GE Designs if you want to:

  Work with genuine people who sincerely want to make your wedding amazing

 Receive high-quality products that are fully customised to suit your needs

 Support a fellow Australian business that’s looking to make an impact

 Join our community of enthusiasts in weddings, design, and decoration

Have any questions? Click the button below to get in touch with us today. We’ll be happy to chat!

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