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Save the dates

Make Your Event Unique Beforehand


Wooden Save the Date Magnets - Make Your Event Unique Beforehand

Special events deserve a special approach. If you are an event planner or an individual planning your own event or your family member’s event, you know that all the preparations start way in advance. Of course, it all depends on the type of the event and its scale, but you know that preparations start month or even more than a year in advance, especially when it comes to venue booking.

One of the most important things and one of the first things you must do is save our date. Invitations or informing the guests is also extremely important and it is the first interaction guests have with your actual event, so you definitely want to leave a good first impression and make sure they save the date.

Especially, for this reason, we created a special line of our wedding Save the Dates.


What are Save Our Dates?


Save the Dates are exactly what they seem to be. Their purpose is to be sent or hand out to guests as early as possible for them to save the date of your special event, so they can make sure to be present.

Save the Dates can be sent by mail or handed out in person on their own. This is often done when you have booked a venue well in advance and want to make sure that none of the guests misses out on it. Especially if your event is scheduled for a super busy period, such as a holiday for instance, and you don’t want to send out the invitations so far in advance or don’t have the invitations ready yet.

Another option is to use wedding Save the Dates as add-ons to the invitations. That way you will give your guests a beautiful souvenir in advance and also a great method to help them memorize the day of your special event.

Wooden Save the Date Wedding Designs


When it comes to wood and acrylic laser cut objects, we do our best to deliver you unique and personalised decorating object that will add that special something to your event. Our Wooden Save the Dates Magnets are no different.

All of our most popular options look very beautiful and classy. Wood is a natural material and as such goes beautifully with any theme and any colours. Our most popular Save the Dates are all fridge magnets, which enables invitees to place them on a visible spot, such as fridge door. PEOPLE LOVE THEM.

 Our most popular wooden Save the Dates are:

  • two round-shaped 8cm diameter options: Leaf Fridge Magnet and String Lights Fridge Magnet,
  • two heart-shaped 8cm x 7cm options: Heart Fridge Magnet and Heart Calendar Fridge Magnet, and
  • a combination of text-heart-shape 8cm x 6cm option: Mr & Mrs Heart Fridge Magnet.

It is always best to view images of the above-listed options and see if you can imagine your names or any other text within the given examples. Furthermore, in case you have any unique wishes, please do not hesitate in reaching out to us with your special requests. We love challenges and will do our best to meet your special needs.

Despite the fact that we can make it work in shorter period, we always advise for any order to be submitted at least one month in advance and in case of completely unique request even more so.

100% Custom-Made Save our Dates

Personalise your wedding  with GE Designs and impress your family and friends.

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