Laser Cut Wood Names

Light you your guests faces when they see these Laser cut Wood Names to suit any Event. The Wood Names are a nice and cheap addition to any event. Get your guest a gift that they will find irresistible to take home with them. They are Laser cut from a 3mm or 4mm wood with a light smoke haze around the letters to give them a great 3d look. With different options of wood and a range of font choices they will be sure to add in with most setups that you require. Price is per name / word
If you have Names that need first and last name that counts as 2 names.
Thickness : 3mm or 4 mm
Height is the size of capital Letter or lower case letters like 'L"
Length : depends on the number of characters and font
The laser cut names will always be cut as uppercase letter followed with lower letters, even if you write the names in caps.

To Make an Order:

Select options for Size and font.Upload file of list of names or Place all you names into the text field. If you are using the text field please type 1 name then enter and repeat. For File uploads please make sure it is in a text file or a excel file with only the names required for the cutting, Please do not add any other data to the file as this may slow down the process, Also if you can have the names in the long list going down the page.Please remember to look over the spelling of the name / words to make sure all is correct. We will not be responsible to any mistakes that where made. If you do however make a mistake please tell us quickly so we can try to fix it before these are cut.Change Quantity (box next to add to cart button) to the amount of names in text field or uploaded file

Wood Names

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