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Acrylic Place Names – Acrylic Names For Your Special Event


Our wood place names are very popular, however, sometimes your event theme and style might be just too modern for wooden place names. For those occasions, acrylic place names are exactly what you need. Compared to wood, acrylic names have much more modern looks.

As such it is very important to consider your event’s theme. Whether we talk about a wedding, anniversary party, baby shower, or any other party, there is always a particular style and colour or multiple colours that set the tone of the event. Matching acrylic place names or gift acrylic names is easily achievable.

There is one major advantage when it comes to acrylic names over the wooden ones and that is water resistance. In case there is an accident and someone spills the one or any other drink over the acrylic names, they can be washed under the running water and are as good as new. Furthermore, this property makes them suitable even for pool parties.


Acrylic Place Names – Seating Arrangement


It all depends on your needs and on the event type, but place names are a nice addition to any formal or informal event. Putting some thoughts into setting arrangements is definitely one of the keys to getting the maximum out of your event. Putting the right kind of people together will help with the conversation flow, elevate the positivity and the event’s atmosphere. However, setting the wrong kind of people together can have a negative effect.

As such always put some thought into seating order. Once determined, then comes the time for place names. At this point, you can go with regular cardboard name tags, or you can be more creative and chose unique acrylic place names. If you go with the letter, we can assure you that guests will love them and most of them will take them home as a beautiful souvenir that will remind them of your special event for years to come.


Acrylic Names – More Than Just Place Names


Above we discussed acrylic names to be used as place names, which is the most common way of their use. However, they can serve as incredibly unique pieces of decorations for any other occasion when a name tag is needed. One great example are names on gifts. What better way to personalise gift wrap that using unique acrylic names in the matching colour. We bet this will definitely be a part of the gift wrap that won’t end up in a trash can.


Ordering Acrylic Names


Ordering acrylic names is not much different than ordering our wood names. On our page, you first select size height, which represents the height of the capital letters. The length obviously depends on the number of characters in each name. There are three heights available – 4cm, 5cm, and 6cm.

After height selection, you get to choose a colour. There are 9 options: black, white, red, transparent red, transparent blue, transparent fluro green/yellow, mirror gold, mirror silver, and mirror rose gold.

Further, you get to choose your font preference and finally you either enter the names or simply upload a file with the list of names. Yes, it is that simple.


In case of any questions, we are here to assist you. Do not hesitate in reaching out to us, either by email or phone.


Phone: 0405321552

We look forward to being a part of your event.

Sincerely yours,

G & E Fisher Designs



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