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A unique gift for a special day


Custom-Made Wedding Favours

 Wedding favours (sometimes called a Bomboniere) are little gifts that you can hand to your guests to thank them for attending your wedding.

But instead of going for something generic (there’s nothing wrong with that by the way!), we provide you with fully customised wedding favours. For example, we offer acrylic names, coloured wooden names, customised coasters, tags, and more.

While Bomboniere’s aren’t a must, it’s a good chance for you to thank your guests for attending and celebrating with you. Plus, it’s a cool souvenir that they can keep with them to remind them of your wedding.

You spent so much money on your wedding, why not give each guest a little memento to remind them of it?

If you don’t see what you’re after and you want something even more customised, get in contact with us. 

Style Your Event with Beautiful Laser-Cut Wooden Table Names


If you are looking for a stylish and cost-effective solution to providing table names for your event, then our creative design service can help. We produce high-quality, laser-cut wooden name place settings that are perfect for weddings, birthdays, formal events, and any other seated occasion. With our custom design service, you can get exactly the look that you want, style your table beautifully, and give your guests a memento with which to remember the occasion.


What Sets G & E Fisher Designs Apart Regarding Wooden Place Names?

In addition to our team’s excellent customer service, we offer a vast selection of unique wooden tables names. You can customise:

  • Font. You can select from twelve different font styles for your personalised décor. Our online store provides you with a gallery of examples, including a display of the whole alphabet in each font, so that you can get a better idea of the final product’s look.
  • Size. We have three size choices, of which four and five centimetres are the most popular options. You can also request names cut six centimetres high—matching your event style seamlessly is our top concern.
  • Colour. Our broad range of wooden colour options means that you can always find a suitable match for your event décor. We have three wood types, including a standard light colour, dark, and our premium option, which is an in-between shade. Alternatively, you can select to have a custom colour finish such as silver, gold, or rose for extra glamour.

Our custom designs help you to stand out from the crowd and show guests your appreciation.

Benefits of Personalised Wooden Place Names

Consider these benefits to offering personalised names as your table settings.

  • High-quality, laser-cut products for a beautiful and consistent look: There is no need to worry about messy handwriting or inconsistency between name settings with our precise, laser-cut products. We help you to achieve a seamless and classy look throughout your event. Our natural wood look and colour options also mean that you can pair your table name with any other décor.
  • Fast and easy: The hardest part is deciding on the font, size, and colour. After that, you will have two options for giving us your list of names: either upload a document or add them into the box that we provide, and we will do the rest. We will complete each product in plenty of time for
    your event.
  • A memento for guests to take home: After you have made your guests feel welcome and showed your appreciation, you will also give them a personalised souvenir to take home at the end of the event.


Why is G & E Fisher Designs Cost-Effective?

Our company provides excellent customer service and high-quality products that will add a personal and unique touch to your special occasion. We have no minimum order requirement, so whether your event is big or small, we will pay careful attention to detail.Contact us today for your personalised table settings.

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Custom-made wedding favours / Party Favours made to order


Other decorations offered include hoops, signs, toppers, and more


Local Australian business based in Brisbane, providing Australia-wide shipping.

Get in touch with us to order your custom made products today.

favours / Bomboniere

  • Laser Cut names

    Wooden Names

    $0.88 AUD

    or 4 payments of $0.22 with Afterpay

  • Acrylic Names (mirror gold)

    Acrylic Place Names

    $2.09 AUD

    or 4 payments of $0.52 with Afterpay

  • colored-wooden-names

    Coloured Wooden Names

    $1.76 AUD

    or 4 payments of $0.44 with Afterpay

  • coasters


    $2.75 AUD

    or 4 payments of $0.69 with Afterpay

  • metal-name-tags


    $2.20 AUD

    or 4 payments of $0.55 with Afterpay

  • Adhesive Names – Peel and Stick Anywhere

    $1.65 AUD

    or 4 payments of $0.41 with Afterpay

  • Sale! white-acrylic-name-decor

    White Acrylic Place Names Sale

    $2.09 $1.65 AUD

    or 4 payments of $0.41 with Afterpay

  • mini-personalized-hoops

    Mini Personalised Hoops

    $0.77 AUD

    or 4 payments of $0.19 with Afterpay

Why Choose Us

When you choose GE Designs for your custom wedding favours or Bombonieres, you get to work with people who genuinely care. 

Unlike large corporations, when you work with us you work with real people. You can even drop by to say thanks after if you’re nearby! 

At GE Designs we are a small Australian business. And behind the computer screen, you’ll see that we’re people just like you.

 Giving you high-quality, customised wedding products, and helping you make your special day one that you’ll remember for the rest of your life — is our ultimate goal. 

Plus, we’re a tight-knit community filled with people with a genuine passion for wedding, design, and decoration. You can even join us over at our Facebook page by clicking here. 

So choose GE Designs if you want to:

 ? Work with genuine people who sincerely want to make your wedding amazing

? Receive high-quality products that are fully customised to suit your needs

? Support a fellow Australian business that’s looking to make an impact

? Join our community of enthusiasts in weddings, design, and decoration

100% Custom-Made Wedding Favours

Personalise your wedding favours & Bombonieres with GE Designs and impress your family and friends.

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