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Say Thanks to Your Guests with a Custom Wedding Bonbonniere

We can help you add a creative and personal touch to your wedding décor with a personalised Wedding favours (sometimes called a Bonbonniere), which can also serve as a thank you gift for your guests. Whether it’s a sentimental message, a name, or a special date that you wish to capture, we will give you a unique design that you are sure to love. For your convenience, we have no minimum order requirements.

But instead of going for something generic (there’s nothing wrong with that by the way!), we provide you with fully customised wedding favours. For example, we offer acrylic names, coloured wooden names, customised coasters, tags, and more.

When you celebrate a milestone in your life, you have a celebration for it. You plan everything out, you invite the people you love and the ones who helped you get to this milestone, and you are even willing to spend money for this event. You want everything to be perfect from the venue, food, decorations and many others. You also want the celebration memorable of course. A way to make it more memorable not just for you but also for your guests will be to give them favours or bonbonniere.

GE Designs makes personalised favours that are not just unique giveaways that your guests will surely love, they make great table decorations too. Imagine your guests getting to their seat and being welcomed there with a personalised bonbonniere! They may even take it home and use it or put it on display somewhere. They make great wedding bonbonniere, or favours for any other event such as birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions and celebrations.


Benefits of Personalised Bonbonnieres

There are many benefits to offering personalised favours at your wedding, including the following.

You can say thank-you to your guests:

Personalised wedding items that guests can take home are the perfect way to say thank-you to all those who have come to help you celebrate your special day. They are easy to offer, fun to receive, and a great way to express your appreciation for guests who have travelled or otherwise made a special effort to be at your wedding.

You can express who you are as a couple:

You can let your guests know more about who you are and the things that you enjoy through your wedding favours. Write your favourite joke or poem on a card, share your future spouse’s favourite sweets in a personalised treat bag, or brand your name and wedding date on some stylish sunglasses. The favour options that you can personalise are endless! (Can we change this to something else as most of these things I don’t offer)

Your guests can reminisce about your special day:

Personalised keepsakes can serve as a reminder of your fun and exciting day after the event.

Fast and Easy.

The creation process is fast and easy. After you have chosen a design, font, and all that, you just have to give us the list of names, whether you add them to a box that we provide or send them to us through an uploaded document and voila! You only have to wait for a little while and for sure the party favours will be delivered to you in no time and they will be there days before you actually need them.

Perfect for Any Occasion.

These products are very versatile. They can work for weddings or for birthday parties of a seven year old, for sweet sixteen, or even for a 70th birthday celebration. They also look very classy and formal.

Imagine your guests arrive at their tables

During the wedding reception to find beautifully carved wooden wedding favours with their names as their place settings. It’s a small thing, but it will show how much you care for them by taking the time to give them a special gift.


Tips for Getting More Value out of a Personalised Bonbonniere


Consider these tips to get even more value out of your personalised wedding bonbonniere.

Use it as the place setting at your reception:

You can make your wedding décor cost-effective by personalising a bonbonniere with a guest’s name and using it as a place setting. This method reduces the number of items that you need to set on the table, cutting down on unnecessary clutter.

Give something practical:

Your money will be well-spent when you personalise an item that your guests can re-use when they get home. For example, coasters make the perfect wooden wedding bonbonniere as they suit most home décor and are a practical gift that guests will continue to enjoy.

Get a personalised tag:

Personalised tags are a creative and unique way to tie a bag of sweets, which gives your guests a memento to treasure and a snack to enjoy. You can wrap any gift with a personalised tag, making tags a versatile option.

While Bonbonnieres aren’t a must, it’s a good chance for you to thank your guests for attending and celebrating with you. Plus, it’s a cool souvenir that they can keep with them to remind them of your wedding. You spent so much money on your wedding, why not give each guest a little memento to remind them of it?


What Sets GE Designs Apart Regarding Personalised Favours


We are passionate about making the little details of your event perfect with our professional and high-quality products. Whether your event is large or small, we provide excellent customer service and help you to capture the unique design and feel that you desire for your wedding decorations with accessories including a personalised wooden bonbonniere.

Font. G & E Fisher Designs offer 12 different font designs to choose from. If you are unsure, you may even view a gallery of the fonts with a display of the entire alphabet in each font to help you choose which is perfect for you and to give you an idea on what the final product would look like.

Materials. The product offerings of GE Designs are available in several different materials. You may get party favours made out of wood or acrylic

Size. For the size, you have three options of which the most popular options are four centimetres and five centimetres. You may even request for six centimetres depending on what you think would be best for you, what fits your budget, and what looks good and matches the party theme. The size of your party favours as these are personalised products would of course depend on your preference.

Colour. There are also various colours to choose from such as the standard light colour, dark colour, and the premium option, which is an in-between shade of the light and dark colours. You may also choose silver, rose, or gold for your bonbonniere as per your liking.

Design or Variety in Product Offerings. There are many designs to choose from. There many products to choose from and since these are customisable, you may get a wooden name painted, acrylic names, wooden coasters, golden tags, and many others. With this, you may choose your bonbonniere with accordance to your party theme to suit the colour scheme and the overall feel of the party.

Quality. The products offered by GE Designs are made out of the most high quality materials. They are even laser cut to give a full furnished look.

Price. These personalised favours only cost a couple bucks and for sure they can fit any budget. If you are willing to spend a lot on your party, these products may be great additions for your party. Or if you are low on budget, these party favours are also perfect because they can stand on their own as both decorations and gifts themselves.

Why Trust GE Designs Regarding Personalised Party Favours


For years G & E Fisher Designs has been creating customised party favours for many kinds of celebrations including weddings, birthdays, baby showers, and anniversaries. With an atelier located in Brisbane, we conduct our sales through our online store to give all Australians the chance to buy personalised, quality products that are made to order. We offer shipping to anywhere in Australia, and for orders over a certain amount, we even provide free shipping! We are happy to communicate by e-mail or phone to discuss your order specifications. If you’re near Brisbane, we welcome you to make an appointment to visit us in person and see our items and production techniques firsthand. Wedding favours and cake toppers are our domain, and we’re confident your guests will go home impressed and delighted by the thoughtful, personalised token of appreciation you give them!

Our talented team of professionals will go above and beyond to ensure that you are delighted with the final products and that everything you order arrives on time for your event. Contact us today for a custom design that is sure to impress.



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Other decorations offered include hoops, signs, toppers, and more


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