Name Learning Board

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Before preparing kids for school, the first thing they need to learn at home is to write. As a parent, you need to teach your kids how to write their names as a basic requirement before they start their education. Once they’ve learned how to write, it will be easier for them to adjust to the new environment. Names represent who they are so you shouldn’t skip this first step as you teach your child.

Teaching becomes challenging when you don’t have the right materials. This is where investing in writing materials becomes vital. If you are looking for a good way to start the way you teach your children, consider buying this Name Learning Board.


Simple and basic board but very effective


The Name Learning Board is a simple and basic board used for writing names. This is suitable for children of all ages. If your kid is just learning how to handle and use a pen, this is the perfect partner for them. Whether your kid is a toddler, a twaddler, or a pepper, he/she needs a board to write on. It is A4 in size, not too big and not too small for them to handle. Even if they use a table not, they will surely enjoy handling this educational material.

This product doesn’t come with a pen. The Name Learning Board is a stand-alone product, meaning, it doesn’t include a pen when you buy it. Best pens to use for this acrylic board is whiteboard markers.


It has board lines – Uses the lines from school books from the first few years


Some writing boards in the market don’t have board lines. They are just plain writing boards without lines as a guide. What makes this Name Learning Board perfect for your kids is the lines on the board. This serves as a pattern for them especially to those who have no idea how to write. With this board, you can teach them to follow the lines so they can write their names straight.


You can put your kid’s name on it.


The Name Learning Board is customizable and that’s the best feature of it. You can request for the name of your kid to be put on the first two lines of the board so they can have patterns of the line and the letters of their name. The second line is meant to be an outline of the name so the child can have the chance to write on top of it. The third line, on the other hand, is left blank so the child can write on it without the letter patterns.


The writings can easily be erased.


Another feature of the Name Learning Board is the ease of erasing the writings. Unlike other boards available in the market, this board can be reused. You can use a board eraser or a cloth to clean it.


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