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Personalised Hoops

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Personalised Wooden Hoops - Make Your Event Even Greater

Are you planning a wedding or any other special event? If so we really have something that you should definitely consider adding to the list of items that will add that special touch to the event and would be great for taking photos on a special day. The special items we have in mind are personalised wooden hoop.

This unique decorative pieces of art can serve as centrepieces as they come in a variety of shapes, materials. and colours to best match your taste and theme of the event. The amazing bonus is the fact that they are also a great piece of decoration for your home and will always remind you of special moments.


Let GE Fisher Designs Create Your Wedding Hoops


Are you looking for personalised wedding hoops for your special day?  We create beautiful decorations to suit any theme wedding. We understand the importance of your wedding day and take a personal approach to every order.


Benefits of Personalised Wedding Hoops


 Wooden wedding hoops can add a unique touch to your ceremony. A few advantages of incorporating them into your decorations include:

  • Numerous options: We understand that the personal style of every couple is different, which is why we feature different hoop options. Our hoops range in size from as large as 1m to as small as 30cm. Would you like a shape other than a circle? No problem. We have options for a heart or square-shaped hoop.
  • Easy placement: Our hoops can be placed anywhere in your venue. Whether you decide to hang it behind the bridal table or place it on your gift table, our wooden hoops are versatile enough for any use.
  • Affordable: Trying to plan a wedding on a budget is no small task. Personalised wedding hoops are an affordable option that proudly displays the name of you and your spouse without breaking the bank. We also offer the opportunity to use Afterpay so you can order your item now and make small payments over the next few weeks.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Round Wedding Hoops

Our goal is to create a hoop that you can cherish for years to come. To get the most out of your purchase, we recommend that you keep the following suggestions in mind:

  • Remember the piece is for you: Once the food is gone and your guests have left, you and your new spouse will have a few leftover items that will help you remember your special day. When you create your hoop, design it in a way that will make you and your spouse happy. Remember that we have multiple options for fonts and colours.
  • Keep it in a safe location: It’s essential to keep your hoop in a safe place before and after your ceremony. We recommend that you keep the piece on a shelf or another flat surface to ensure that nothing happens to it before your big day. After the ceremony, we suggest that you hang it in a special place in your home so you can always remember the event.
  • Consider using lights or flowers: Are you looking for a way to draw more attention to your hoop? Think about stringing lights through the hoops or placing flowers around the edge for a distinct touch.

About GE Fisher Designs

With years of experience in the industry, the staff at G & E Fisher Designs are proud of our diverse decoration options. We work diligently on every order to ensure your satisfaction. Do you have any questions? Let us know. Our team can address any of your concerns.

For inquiries regarding our personalised wedding hoops, please reach out through our contact page


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Types of Personalised Hoop


Here at G & E Fisher Designs, we offer multiple variations of personalised hoops. They are available in different sizes, shapes, materials, and colours. Let’s have a closer look at those options.

When it comes to sizes, we offer a full range of different diameters, starting at 30cm. Here is a full list of sizes available on our online store: 30cm, 40cm, 50cm, 60cm, 70cm, 80cm. 90cm, and 1m diameter wooden hoops.

Once you have decided on the size, you get to chose the shape of your custom hoop, we call this the base or outside shape of the hoop. This can be round, square, square with round corners, hex, heart-shaped, and we also offer unique shapes, but you must specify it and check with us if we can offer it.

After defining the shape of the hoop, you simply enter the names or other text you would like to be displayed inside the hoop. You must consider that there is only a certain number of words that can fit inside the hoop. Fewer the words, larger the font is available.

After entering the text, you get to choose the font type. There are 12 beautiful font types for you to choose from. In the last step, you select the material and colours, There are 9 different styles available: wood, wood silver, wood gold, wood rose gold, acrylic white, acrylic black, acrylic mirror silver, acrylic mirror rose gold, and acrylic mirror gold. All these materials and colours are very beautiful and you should just make sure to choose the one that will best match your event theme and colours.

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100% Custom Wedding Hoops

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