Baby / Baby Shower Decor

Getting ready for a new ADDITION to your family! 


Baby And Baby Shower decor

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  • Wood Bears

    $1.65 AUD
  • name-plaque-and-flower-decor

    Script Name Plaques

    $44.00 AUD
  • baby milestone cards wooden

    Wooden Baby Milestone Cards

    $55.00 AUD
  • Letter Boxes

    $16.50 AUD

Baby Shower cake Toppers

This is a rare moment where you can celebrate the birth of a new family member and future best friend. Whether you’ve given them a name yet or not, we have cake toppers for all babies.

 Check out our cute range of baby shower cake toppers. These will make your photos that much more memorable when you look back at the a few years from now.

  • oh-boy-cake-topper

    Oh Boy! Cake topper

    $24.20 AUD
  • Wood Cake Toppers

    Personalised Cake Toppers

    $33.00 AUD
  • Oh Baby Cake topper

    $24.20 AUD
  • It’s a Boy – Elephant

    $24.20 AUD

Personislied Hoops 

Make  a statement peice for your new baby on the way, A Peronislied hoop make a good addition to the walls of any baby shower. Once your done hang it on the wall in your newborns room.

personalised wooden hoops

100% Custom Baby Shower Decor

Personalise your wedding, anniversary, baby, or birthday cake.

Be Sure to add a wall mounted name to your babys room! 

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Wood Bears
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